Planning renovations? Now’s the ideal time to Insulate.

Right now we’re enjoying the blue skies and balmy days when we get them… but sure as Summer’s coming… we’ll all be digging out those fans soon enough. That’s why now’s a great time to insulate.

Insulation isn’t just about warming your house, it’s about keeping it cool too. Tony Naidu, Executive Director of HeatSavers explains. “When you have underfloor, ceiling and wall insulation it works like a chilly bin - your home stays warmer in Winter and cooler in Summer”.

Trusted Tradies – What You Should Expect

We trust our Tradies right? It turns out not so much. If you’re a fan of DIY shows you’ll know how much those teams rely on their Tradies. You’ll also know how quickly the ‘water cooler’ notices if one of them isn’t pulling their weight.


“We’re fairly quick to turn on our Tradies”, says Tony Naidu, Executive Director of HeatSavers. “And why wouldn’t we be? We’re spending good money for a quality job, and we’re all too aware of the horror stories. None of us want to be the patsy, and so trust in the relationship is vital.”


Is the difference between insulation a matter of degrees?

Wherever you are in the country, you will have felt the first winter chills.  While there’s no doubt it’s warmer in the North, people are still waking up to chilly rooms and starting to think again about insulation.  The TV is full of ads promoting all different kinds, so is it really a matter of degrees?  The answer surprisingly, is yes.


Why Insulation Matters For All New Zealanders

The Green Party unveiled its insulation policy for this year’s election, making headlines during a freezing winter blast across New Zealand.  "Our new housing policy will ensure all New Zealanders have a warm, dry and healthy home," said Green Party Co-leader Metiria Turei.  The coverage this policy announcement received shows this will be an area of importance in the lead up to this year’s election.

Getting it together, whatever the weather

The news has been awash with stories about North America’s Polar Vortex and Australia’s record breaking heat waves while New Zealanders bask under a fairly moderate summer sun.  From around the globe, we’re hearing more and more about extreme temperature variations and while we’re not in the worst of it we do have our own struggles with temperature and it’s nation-wide.

Insulation Warrant of Fitness (WOF) is on its way.

Steps to Complete Thermal Envelope

There’s no doubt big changes are afoot for landlords and potentially any home owner that may wish to rent out their property in the future. 2013 saw a ground swell of programmes designed to set minimum insulation / warmth standards for rental properties and while none have made it over the line as yet, there’s no question which way the winds are blowing…