Healthy Home

Getting it together, whatever the weather

The news has been awash with stories about North America’s Polar Vortex and Australia’s record breaking heat waves while New Zealanders bask under a fairly moderate summer sun.  From around the globe, we’re hearing more and more about extreme temperature variations and while we’re not in the worst of it we do have our own struggles with temperature and it’s nation-wide.

How warm, healthy and cost efficient is your home?

Does your home have dampness or moisture problems?

Condensation, moisture and mould are all too common in NZ homes. About 30% of our homes suffer from problems associated with moisture internally. In a large number  of these houses, dehumidifiers and ventilation systems are used to fix the symptoms of  the problem, but not the source of the problem itself. Dampness makes rooms unhealthy to live in. In a lot     of cases though, it is also a problem that is relatively cheap and easy to identify  and fix.

Where is there adequate insulation in your home?